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One of the earliest examples of a virtual museum, called WebMuseum, was founded in 1994 by Nicholas Pioch, a student in France. This innovative idea wowed many and allowed access to art for the masses. It may have been one of the first virtual museums, but it was definitely not the last! 

Virtual tours have gained increased popularity in recent years. According to Google’s Year in Search report during the year 2020, ’Virtual Museum Tours’ was one of the most popular search terms! And since that, many have begun to discover the benefits and advantages in the world of online museum tours.

One of the most significant advantages of virtual museum tours is that location is no longer an issue. No matter where in the world the museum is located, with online museum tours, if you want to visit, you can! What’s more, virtual museum tours often provide you with far more information and knowledge than if you were to simply walk around the museum or historical site by yourself. 

With many museums now offering virtual tours and exhibitions, you can immerse yourself in history, the arts, and much more from the comfort of your own home.

With so many different options to choose from, it may be difficult to decide which museum tour to begin with! On Unimos, we provide a safe, easy to use website where you can discover the ideal virtual museum tour for you.

Browse a wide range of virtual museum tours, chat with tour guides before you book, pay and attend your virtual tour, all on one simple platform! 

The video conferencing features on Unimos allow for a fully immersive virtual tour experience, with image, sound and simulations! 

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Conduct Virtual Museum Tours On Unimos

Virtual museum tours are a fantastic tool for museums or other historic locations to draw in more visitors! 

By providing online virtual museum tours through Unimos, you can inspire people to visit locations that they may have previously lacked interest in. It is also an excellent opportunity to provide the educational, joyful experience of visiting your museum to more people than ever before.

Unimos offers a reliable, all in one platform, where you can receive bookings, get paid, and conduct your online museum tours. You are able to set your own schedule and arrange your own tour prices. There is a small admin fee, but this is always automatically included in the price you choose, so you don’t have to worry about hidden charges later on. 

The built-in video call function on Unimos enables you to provide a high standard of virtual museum tours, and completely immerse your clients in the museum experience via image, video and audio.

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