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Whether we are adults or children, we are all in a constant state of learning. Unfortunately, in school, university or any other kind of educational course, we do not always get the support and attention we require to learn something as well as we would like to. 

An ancient proverb wisely spoke these words about education:

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

Tutoring is one of the best ways to really get involved with and learn a subject well. Tutors don’t just give out answers, they actually work to help their students to understand how to do the work on their own.

Private tutoring is a marvellous tool that can be utilised to unlock your full learning potential. It can help both young and old to catch up when they are struggling or help students to advance further when their current education level is not challenging them enough.

Tutoring programmes provide a unique learning experience, with lessons that are customised to you as an individual. They also help to improve students attitude towards learning, and academic performance. 

Private tutors can help overcome learning obstacles by targeting specific areas that need extra attention, be that in Maths, Science, Language, Technology, Business or any other subject. Tutoring has been shown to help improve work and study habits, and also assists in preparing for and passing exams!

Online tutoring is an excellent way to take advantage of the many benefits of having a private tutor. And finding an online private tutor has never been easier to access thanks to Unimos! With its simple and reliable platform, you can browse a range of tutors, specialising in a variety of subjects, all from the comfort of your home. 

Online tutoring has the important benefit of allowing students to access private tutors from all over the world. This means you can find the right tutor for you, without the constraints of geographic location. You can then receive the help you need in whichever subject you wish. Unimos offers a great choice of online tutors, so you can receive support and guidance for the subjects you really need. 

Once you have found the right tutor for you, Unimos makes it easy to book, pay for, and attend your online tutoring sessions all in one place. With the built-in video conferencing features, you can experience ‘face-to-face’ tutoring online, or you can choose to meet your tutor in person where possible.

If you would like to take advantage of the fantastic benefits of online tutoring and succeed in your studies, fill out the registry form today to be one of the first to attend tutoring sessions on Unimos!

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Provide Tutoring Services

Tutoring is an extremely rewarding experience. Seeing the impact that tutoring has on students' performance, confidence, and ability can really bring great joy to the tutor.

If you are a private tutor who is looking to expand their business and provide online tutoring sessions, Unimos is a wonderful opportunity for you! 

Unimos offers an intuitive, simple, and professional platform, where you can connect with potential students from around the globe. With the video call function, you can carry out your online tutoring sessions wherever is most convenient for you. 

On Unimos, you can receive bookings, get paid, and then hold private tutoring sessions, all on one platform. As the tutor, you can set your own availability for classes, and choose your own prices. The small admin fee for Unimos’ services is automatically included in the price you set.

You can provide tutoring for both young and older students. You can tutor on whichever topic is your speciality, whether that is maths, science, and language, or something more specialised, such as nursing, technology, business, or social sciences.

If you would like to provide your online tutoring classes through Unimos and help more students to gain access to the benefits of tutoring, fill out the registry form here.

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