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Welcome to Unimos, the all-in-one platform that helps providers easily connect with customers! We provide a simple and easy-to-use interface for all providers, including teachers, therapists, tour guides, trainers and more, to provide their professional services to others. 

Online service providers are becoming increasingly popular. For those looking to build a business, be their own boss, and offer professional expertise to new clients, online service providing is a game changer.

If you are a service provider looking to find new clients, manage your own schedule and hold sessions all in one place, then Unimos is the right platform for you. 

When you choose to provide your services through Unimos, you can search, book, pay and meet, all on one intuitive platform, with NO signup or registration fees.

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Unimos provides a clever and innovative search function that helps you be found by more potential clients! Once you've created a provider profile, you can list and manage your availability to show your potential customers what types of sessions you provide and when they are available.

Your potential customers can use Unimos' search function to find exactly the type of session they are looking for. Our clever filter options allow clients to narrow down their search to exactly what they want, from price, private/group sessions, 

Since Unimos provides a platform for a whole range of different services such as teaching, therapy, training and more, providers have the potential to expose their services to a far wider audience. For example, someone who decides they want to learn guitar online can also search on the same platform where they are receiving therapy.

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If you are already providing services to others, you’ll know that scheduling is one of the most important parts of managing your business. When you provide services through Unimos, our calendar and appointment scheduler make managing your schedule easy and simple!

You can tell the platform exactly when you are available and what types of sessions you are available to give. Your customers can easily see your availability and book a session with you! Clients are able to see a history of their past sessions, so they can easily find and book with you again.

You also have a calendar showing what sessions have been booked and when, so you can easily keep track of your schedule. 

When you are unavailable due to sessions already being booked, or if you want to take a holiday, you don't appear in searches for those times and can't be booked. This means no more double bookings!

Our handy chat function is also available for any questions that customers need to ask the provider.

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Now let’s talk about one of the most important steps… getting paid! Unimos makes getting paid easy and simple.

When you choose Unimos as the platform to provide your services, you can set your own prices, advertise them and get paid in your chosen currency.

Registering as a provider with Unimos is completely FREE with no subscription fees. We just take a small platform admin fee once a customer has paid for their session, and you receive the rest!

You don’t need to worry about whether you will get paid for your work or not, as customers pay for their session when they book it! What if your customer cancels? With Unimos, managing refunds is easy. We also offer disputes and support for payments to ensure both customer satisfaction and safety for you as the provider. 

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Meeting clients is straightforward with our functional and intuitive platform. Unimos offers the option for 1:1 and group video calls. This call function is fully equipped with all the necessary features, such as chat, screen share, and raise hand functionality. Our video function has end-to-end encryption alongside HD video and audio. 

Are you tired of running out of time while using video chat programs that have annoying time limits? With Unimos, you never have to worry about that again! There are absolutely NO time limits on our video call feature, so your sessions can be as long as you set them to be.

After a client has booked a session with you, a video link will be provided once payment has been successful. Then you can meet with your client easily and with no fuss and enjoy a stress free session!

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Unimos sets itself apart from other online service provider platforms with its intuitive and easy-to-use features. We provide an all-in-one platform for teachers, trainers, tour guides, therapists and more to share their services with others and get paid!

When you provide services through Unimos, there are NO signup fees or subscription costs. Unlike many other online service provider platforms, Unimos only takes a small percentage fee for any sessions that are given. This means you don’t pay any fees until you start earning yourself!

Another way Unimos stands out from many other online platforms is that no qualifications are required to sign up. If you have a beneficial skill to share, simply sign up and start earning!

Unimos is a completely international platform. This helps you as a service provider to access a far wider audience and connect with new clients from all around the world!

When you provide services through Unimos, your future clients can search, book, pay and meet - all in one place.  This innovative and simple system saves you time and makes providing your services to others easier than ever before. 

If you are ready to get started earning money and providing your services through Unimos, then register FREE today! We look forward to working with you.