Psychodynamic Therapy

Online Psychodynamic Therapy  

Psychodynamic therapy is a holistically focused therapy that helps clients explore their deepest needs and desires, to achieve a better understanding of their current selves.

Richard F. Summers, the author of the book ‘Psychodynamic Therapy: A Guide to Evidence-Based Practice’ explains this extremely beneficial form of therapy in this way:

“[Pyschodynamic therapy] which facilitates a patient's rewriting of his life narrative, his picture of himself, his past, present, and future, seems uniquely positioned to address the depth of an individual's experience.” 

Online psychodynamic therapy can help to find patterns in your feelings, thoughts and emotions, to achieve a positive result and a better view of oneself.

This form of therapy is extremely beneficial for those who are suffering from depression, anxiety, personality disorders, somatic disorders and other forms of emotional and mental distress.

There is a wide range of benefits to psychodynamic therapy. These include increased self-esteem, reaching a higher level of emotional tolerance, deeper and more meaningful relationships with others, and greater confidence in your own abilities! 

Another unique advantage to psychodynamic therapy is that the benefits have been found to increase over time, so you can continue to see results even after the completion of your psychodynamic therapy.

During your online psychodynamic therapy sessions, your chosen therapist will encourage you to share your thoughts and emotions, whatever is on your mind. You will also have the opportunity to examine past experiences and childhood traumas that may still be affecting you today. Then, your therapist will work with you to discuss these feelings, to identify patterns that exist in your unconscious mind. Becoming aware of these emotional patterns can then assist you in understanding them, to become better equipped to deal with these emotions in a healthy way in the future.

Unimos offers a safe, and simple website where you can discover the best online therapy for you. You can then book online psychodynamic therapy sessions at a time and place that is most convenient! Choose from a range of online psychodynamic therapists, from different countries and backgrounds. You can even use the chat function to talk to any therapist before you book, so you can make sure you are choosing someone suitable for your personal needs. 

On Unimos, you can find, book, and attend your online psychodynamic therapy sessions all in one location. Using the in-built video conferencing features, you can attend your therapy sessions wherever you are. You will also have the option to choose to meet in person if that is your preference. 

Online psychodynamic therapy can help you gain control of not just your emotions, but your whole life. Fill out the registry form now to be one of the first to benefit from attending online psychodynamic therapy sessions on Unimos!

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Why Provide Online Psychodynamic Therapy Sessions Through Unimos?

If you are a psychodynamic therapist looking to provide your services online, Unimos is an excellent opportunity for you! 

You can choose your own prices, set your own availability, and work wherever suits you best! On Unimos, you can offer both in-person and online psychodynamic therapy sessions. And with the video conferencing function available on the Unimos website, you can receive bookings and hold therapy sessions all on one reliable platform.

The small service charge from Unimos is automatically included in the price you set, so there are never any surprise charges when you get paid! 

Unimos allows professionals to connect with clients all over the world. This offers a wonderful opportunity not only to receive more bookings but also to provide more people with access to the benefits of online psychodynamic therapy. 

If you are interested in providing in-person or online psychodynamic therapy on Unimos, register now to be one of the first to benefit from this exciting opportunity!

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